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John Campbell Down in the Hole 4:56
Sean Costello Blues Para Mi Angelita 6:41
John Campbell Wild Streak 4:55
Carey Bell Hard Working Woman 4:39
Mighty Mo Rodgers Continental Blues 2:53
Buddy Whittington Minor Blues 4:48
Stan Webb The House That Love Lives In 6:00
Corey Stevens Blues Are Here To Stay 6:10
Mighty Mo Rodgers The Boy Who Stole The Blues 4:52
Corey Stevens I'll Play the Blues 3:48
Rocky Hill Bad Girls Blues 4:07
John Campbell One Believer 5:33
Mike Griffin & The Unknown Blues Band I'd Rather Go Blind 5:11
Byther Smith Play The Blues In Paris 6:17
Larry McCray Same Old Blues 4:45
BB Chung King & The Buddaheads When The Blues Catch Up With You (2000) 6:16
Terry Evans Credit Card Blues 4:42
Root Doctor Too Late To Try To Do Right 5:33
The Kinsey Report The Game of Love 6:03
John Campbell Love's Name 4:18
The Alvin Lee Band Real Life Blues(alternate version) 4:33
Junior Wells & Earl Hooker Calling All Blues 2:34
Mike Griffin & The Unknown Blues Band The Blues Ain't Never Gonna Die 11:30
John Campbell Angel Of Sorrow 4:20
Buddy Whittington Greenwood 4:09
Twelve Bar Blues Band Key To You Heart 6:55
Asie Payton I Love You 2:46
Grady Champion When A Woman''s Fed Up 4:42
Bugs Henderson Anthem For The Blues 4:54
Danny Bryant's RedEyeBand Danny's Blues 9:08
John Campbell World Of Trouble 6:10
Carey Bell Lonesome Stranger 4:04
Junior Wells & Earl Hooker Blues In D Natural 2:17
Blindside Blues Band Blues in My Soul 4:45
The Bluescasters Can't Get The Blues 3:26
James Armstrong Hard Hard Blues 4:40
Smokey Wilson The Man From Mars 5:45
The Alvin Lee Band I Don't Wanna Stop 4:08
Larry McCray Born to Play the Blues 4:53
Roomful Of Blues Boogie Woogie Country Girl 3:19
The Alvin Lee Band City Lights 3:59
The Alvin Lee Band Sooner Or Later 3:31
Smokey Wilson House In Hollywood 5:33
Mighty Mo Rodgers Blues For A Blue Planet (The Last Tango) 2:56
The Alvin Lee Band Dustbin' City 2:38
Root Doctor Rainy Night in Georgia 5:05
The Alvin Lee Band One lonely hour 4:47
The Kinsey Report Must Be Love 4:01
Carey Bell Lov Her, Don't Shove Her 3:25
Rose City Kings Working Girl Blues 5:33
Cousin Joe Goin'' down slow 3:47
Carey Bell Teardrops 7:08
The Bluescasters Wildman Blues 5:38
Tim Renwick Swamp Thing 2:39
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Crying the Blues 2:59
Howlin Wolf My Country Sugar Mama 2:35
Gary Smith Blues Band I Can't Seem to Shake These Blues 4:38
Larry McCray Worried Down With The Blues 6:57
paul rose Lets Straighten It Out (Sweet Pea Atkinson) 6:50
Rose City Kings My People 6:03
John Campbell Tiny Coffin 4:44
Gary Primich What's It Gonna Be 4:17
Carey Bell That Spot Right There 3:32
Micky Moody Low-Down Cryogenic Blues 8:05
Carey Bell Black-Eyed Peas 4:52
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials Golden Rule 3:22
The Alvin Lee Band Stealin' 3:15
Carey Bell My Love Strikes Like Lightning 4:10
Teresa James & The Rhythm Tramps The Day The Blues Came To Call 4:41
Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee Whoopin' the Blues 2:43
Paul Lamb & The King Snakes Looking Back 4:35
Hadden Sayers Something Wrong in the World 3:23
Snowy White Blues Project Red Wine Blues 3:04
Carey Bell Let Me Stir in Your Pot 3:42
Rose City Kings Coffee Blues 2:49
Jimmy Rogers Lonesome Blues 3:53
Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials S.D. Jones 5:02
The Kinsey Report Code of the Streets 7:08
Carey Bell Must I Holler 7:00
John Campbell Person To Person 3:49
Smokey Wilson Blues For Big Town 3:30
Howlin Wolf Smokestack Lightning 3:10
Carey Bell Hard Hearted Woman 3:55
Carey Bell Bad Habits 4:49
Roomful Of Blues Blue, Blue World 3:31
Doni Harvey Your Blues Ain't Like My Blues 6:32
Smokey Wilson Smokey's Shuffle 3:04
Johnny Nicholas Steadfast 5:20
Carey Bell I'm A Business Man 3:22
Gary Primich Company Man 3:36
Carey Bell Going Back to Mississippi 3:42
Gary Primich I Can't Stop Loving You 2:28
Smokey Wilson You Better Watch Yourself 2:58
Mighty Mo Rodgers Blues Is My Wailin' Wall 3:22
paul rose Throw Me A Line 7:34
Gary Primich Satellite Rock 2:25
Buddy Whittington Sure Got Cold After the Rain Fell 8:45
Storyville Talk to Me 5:45
Fabian Anderhub Waiting For Me 4:04
James Cotton Blues Is Good for You 4:26

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